The demand on directors as leaders is continuously evolving; Directors must be one step ahead of the competition; recognize and create opportunities , lead the companies to success, and remain composed throughout the challenges. The changing business environment that directors and the companies operate in is complicated. This programme can help directors and their company to have a better understanding on corporate governance issues and so supporting company to achieve a sustainable success.

Program has four parts, each has four modules. Designed from the directors point of view, they are led by international and national experts with outstanding experience of training and board rooms. They are also an ideal forum for meeting other directors and expand the professional network.  At the end of the program participants will be provided with certificate and will continue their certification as director for the next level acquiring international knowledge and expertise through the cooperation with ecoDa in Brussels. The following are the dates of training delivery:

1)     Board Leadership Program:

Part I and II            22-23 February 2017 Governance in Banks

                               24 – 25 February  Board Leadership Training

Part III                     19-20 April 2017

Part IV                    14-15 June 2017

Participation fee: Each session 280 Euro VAT excluded

2)     Continuing Professional Development in ecoDa Brussels 2 times per year. For 2017 the program is as follows:

First session :       7-8 March 2017

Second session: 26-27 October 2017

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