As a follow up event of last year event between CGIA and CSR Network Albania supported by IFC and GTZ, on December 9, 2015 ANTEA Cement, part of TITAN Group, has delivered the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report for the year 2014. This is a global tradition of this company but in Albania this is the first audited Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report.


The event was organized by ANTEA Cement and was attended by the main stakeholders of the company such as employees, local community representatives, suppliers, clients, governmental agencies and foreign institutions representatives.


CGIA represented by Executive Director of the Institute for Corporate Governance Mrs. Rezarta Cenaj Melo, apart of the the welcoming speech spoke about the importance of integrating reporting and also she moderates the panel of guests speakers such as the ambassadors accredited in Tirana, Ambassador of Switzerland Mr. Christoph Graf, Ambassador of Greece Mr. Leonidas Rokanas, the Representative of International Financial Corporate in Albania Mrs. Elira Sakiqi, the Audit Manager at Ernst & Young Albania, Mr. Donard Braha and Mr. Adamantios Frantzis , the General manager of ANTEA Cement.


ANTEA Cement, part of TITAN Group, which is a multinational corporation for manufacturing of cement and has several years of experience on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reports, is the first leader in Albania that has introduced a report of this kind, in the framework of the Reporting Global Initiative, certified by an external partner.

Participation in the event were approximately 100 persons from business community, associations, diplomatic corps in Albania etc.

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