In cooperation with Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship and GIZ Project „Harmonisation of Albanian economic and trade legislation with the EU acquis” , Corporate Governance Institute Albania organized on July 3, 2014 a Roundtable to tackle outstanding Corporate Governance challenges in Albania and help develop a robust regulatory framework. Through dialogue the Roundtable encourages reforms and fine tuning of existing regulations while pressing for better implementation and effective enforcement of Corporate Governance Code and Scorecard. The Roundtable also aims to contribute to international understanding of Albanian corporate governance developments and ongoing efforts.

This Roundtable brought together participants from regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Entrepreneurship – Mrs. Brunilda Paskali , the Financial Supervisory Authority Mrs. Jyela Rama, Tirana Stock Exchange – Mrs. Anila Fureraj, from financial institutions such as IFC – Mrs. Elira Sakiqi, EBRD – Mr. Fabio Serri, business community, experts, associations, and private sector participants .

  • The event aimed at addressing together the main challenges in compliance, monitoring and enforcement of Corporate Governance (CG) Code and assessment of corporate governance practices in a Company (international and local experience)
  • Recommendations for effective implementation and enforcement of the CG Code and Scorecard and questionnaire
  • Endorsement of Scorecard and fulfillment of questionnaire by companies.
  • Launching of CGIA Membership

Key speakers included representatives from Ministry. Mrs. Paskali, Mr. Bashkim Sykja, Mrs. Elira Sakiqi IFC , Mr. Fabio Serri EBRD, Rezarta Cenaj Melo CGIA, Mr. Denis Deralla CREDINS, Anila Fureraj Tirana Stock Exchange, Mrs. Jyela Rama from Financial Supervisory Authority, and speakers from business community and companies . All participants were extremely active with many questions on the topics. The participants highlighted some of idea regarding the implementation of CGCode, scorecard and engagement on fulfilling the questionnaire within some deadlines of Ministry of Economy which will be part of a an ongoing project on this topics.