CGIA, in cooperation with Ministry of Economy Trade and Energy of Albania and International Finance Corporation (IFC) organized a round table  on “ Corporate Governance Code, a year after the approval. Scorecard – the frist step to evaluate the implementation of the principles of the code”.  This round table was organized in order to evaluate the situation of Albanian companies regarding the implementation of CG Code after one year that it has been approved and promoted and also to represent them Scorecard as a tool for self-evaluation from companies.

This round table is organized following the CGIA activities with aim to continue increasing the awareness about the implementation and enforcement of CG Code but also providing to Albanian companies a scorecard as a tool to make a self-evaluation of the corporate governance .

The round table was addressed by the Project Manager of CG of IFC Mr. Oliver Orton, Mr. Bashkim Sykja Director at Ministry of Economy Trade and Energy, Mr. Eduart Rumani, representative from SECO, Tirana Office and  Mrs. Rezarta Cenaj, Executive Director CGIA, facilitator.  There were presented two power point presentations from Mr. Elvis Mataj, board member CGIA presented the results form one survey performed by CGIA  with 62 businesses regarding the implementation of CG Code and the second presentation was made from Mrs. Monika Farka, Chairman of Board of Directors CGIA presented the scorecard as a tool for self-evaluation for companies.

The event took place at Hotel Rogner , with great interest from 25 businesses .