Corporate Governance Institute Albania (CGIA) in cooperation with International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Tirana organized on April 2, 2012 a workshop on:

“Corporate Governance in emerging markets – Corporate Governance Code in Albania”

This workshop was held following the adoption of Corporate Governance Code from Business Advisory Council, with the support of IFC in the context of legal reforms and for approximation of Albanian legislation with the EU. The main purpose was helping businesses in implementing the code and principles of corporate governance to cope with the ongoing economic crisis and create an appeal and reliable environment for attracting investment in society.

The event took place at Chamber of Commerce & Industry offices, with great interest form many businesses and of many medias such as News 24, Scan TV, Ora News, Top Media etc . As special guest of this workshop were Mrs. Elira Sakiqi, representative of IFC in Tirana and Mr Nikolin Jaka, the Chairman of Tirana Chamber of Commerce.
The presenters of this workshop was Rezarta Cenaj Melo, Executive Director of CGIA , PRESENTING Albanian Corporate Governance Code , Mrs. Monika Farka, Chairman of Board of Directors that together with Mrs. Rezarta Cenaj Melo made present the two services CGR and CGA that CGIA in cooperation with IFC provide Albanian companies in their efforts to comply with the best practices of corporate governance and the third presentation was made from Ms. Sonila Bicaku about the Corporate Governance in emerging markets.

The workshop was attended by 24 business, representatives and administrators, who considered the topic with great value for their ongoing businesses and demonstrated interest and willingness in cooperating with CGIA to implement the CG Code.
CGIA is looking forward to have another consulting session and meeting with business as a next step of this programme.