CGR Event

Corporate Governance aims to enable the business owners or business managers to have a transparent strategic direction across the entire business. This allows all those involved in the process to understand the part they play in the ongoing growth of the organization. The potential of Corporate Governance to propel a business to greater commercial success is not generally well known in Albania.


Deputy Minister of Economy Mrs. Brunilda Paskali mentioned the importance for businesses of the application of best practices in their strategies, implementation of principles of Corporate Governance Code and the use of scorecard .  Only in this way companies can be competitive, can be a long term company and create a good environment not only for the company and employees but also for the community and society.


Key speakers included Mr. Kiril Nejkov IFC, Mr. Adamantios FRANTZIS, President, Albanian CSR Network, Ms. Maria Alexiou, CSR Senior Manager, TITAN Group, Ms. Rezarta Cenaj Melo CGIA and all participants were extremely active with many questions on the topics of roundtable.