Membership Grades and Criteria for individuals


CGIA Membership is open to anyone with senior level responsibilities, you do not need to be a registered director or working in a commercial entity to be eligible for membership.

You are eligible to join one of two categories dependent upon your professional experience; full Membership or Associate membership. Regardless of whether you are a Member or Associate member you will still be able to access all of our products and services.

Membership Grades

The CGIA has four grades of membership based primarily on an individual’s experience, AssociateMemberFellow and Student.

Associate and Member grades give you an identical package of benefits and services and the membership subscription fees are the same. As a Member of the CGIA, you would also be entitled to use the designation MCGIA after your name for the duration of your membership.

As an Associate member, you may upgrade your membership in line with the criteria below. Fellowship is by invitation only.


Membership of the Institute of Corporate Governance  is open to those responsible for the strategic direction of an ‘Entity’, being one of the following:

  • Incorporated company
  • Business unit or association
  • Professional or other partnership
  • Not-for-profit organisation, charity or trust
  • Non-departmental public body
  • Local or national government
  • Academic or training organisation
  • Similar body whose activities and strategies require direction.


If you do not meet Member criteria you may apply as an Associate.


We will consider applicants where turnover, budget or length of service does not meet Member criteria. It is open to:

  • ‘Director’ of an ‘Entity’ or a proprietor of an enterprise which has active operations; or
  • Partner in a professional practice or a senior executive or officer of another Entity who reports directly to a member of the body that is responsible for the strategic direction of that Entity and the implementation of its corporate governance. The individual must satisfy the Institute that they are interested in the promotion of the best interest of Directors.


Member (MCGIA)

Full member status can be achieved by a director who is (or who has been during the past 5 years), responsible for the strategic direction of one or more of the above solvent entities that has (or have in aggregate) an annual minimum turnover or budget of …………… and has:

  • Held the post of director for a minimum of three years and been in business for a minimum of seven years; or
  • held the post of director for a minimum of one year, been in business for a minimum of five years and has attended the Institute’s course ‘The Role of the Company Director and the Board’.


Fellow (FCGIA)

Members are invited to become fellows of the CGIA, based on their experience and contribution to business. Recognition is given to members who have attained the CGIA’s Diploma in Company Direction and those who have become Chartered Directors. To ensure that the prestige and status of Fellowship is maintained, qualification is based on a number of criteria including:

  • Have held full Membership for at least one year
  • Be (or, at any time in the five years immediately prior to invitation, was) a Director of an Entity whose annual turnover or budget exceeds …. million or such higher sum as the Board determines. Directors of several entities with accumulative turnover will be taken in to consideration.
  • Have been a Director for a minimum of five years


As a Fellow of the CGIA, you would be entitled to use the designation FCGIA after your name for the duration of your Fellowship. In addition to the prestige of Fellowship and your existing membership benefits, you would also have access to the enhanced package of benefits for full details Annex 1.


To qualify for admission as a Student Member, an individual must, at the time of application, be studying for a recognized qualification at a University or College. Student Membership is available for a term of up to five years during the studying period and thereafter it may be extended for the first two years of employment. The Executive may extend this term. CGIA Student Members are eligible for only the benefits and products as defined at Annex 2.

If you would like to discuss membership grades and fees or require further information, please contact the Membership Team on

Membership fees

Membership costs are as follows:

–       Fee for Member/ Associate 150 Euro for one year

–       Fee for Fellow 300 Euro per year

Members, Associates and Fellows have voting right in General Assembly.