Academy of Directors of CGIA and Educational Program for 2016


BoD 1


This event wasorganized at Hotel Rogner, on December 10, 2015, at 6:30 pm after the closure of the workshop on “ New Corporate Governance Challenges for Board Members”. Participation in this event was open and the aim of this event was to launch the Opening of Professional Academy for Directors and launching the Board Leadership Training Program for 2016 . CGIA is launching this event in cooperation with IFC basing to the ToT Board Leadership Program and also hosted key speakers from ecoDa referring to each module of the program, in total four modules. Participation will be towards fee, and training program will be delivered referring to a schedule as per the program in this link     .


In this event, the welcome speech were made from CGIA representatives Executive Director, Rezarta Cenaj Melo and the special guests Mr. Philipp Keller representative of SECO, Kiril Nejkov IFC, Beatrice Richez Baum, General Secretary ecoDa.


Also this launching event brought in the importance of continuing professional development for directors increasing not only the interest of current members also attracting the new ones informing about the membership criterions in CGIA, benefits from this membership and the cooperation that CGIA has with ecoDa for the benefits of members. For more information about acoDa please click the link


Participation was around at 30 persons from different economic sectors board members, members of boards committees , people reporting to board etc.