What is Corporate Governance Review :

Review of the existing situation in the Company with regard to corporate governance, based on IFC’s Corporate Governance Methodology. This Methodology is considered to be among the best globally developed models for analysis of companies’ corporate governance practices, and which IFC applies throughout the world.  This review would include The corporate governance scorecards.


What is the corporate governance scorecards? it assess a company’s governance practices and provide opportunities for systematic improvement. The scorecard is closely related to the corporate governance code and represents all of its relevant criteria. Different scores related to these criteria are assigned upon completion. Thus, the scorecard determines a total value of corporate governance. This approach is designed to depict for companies the quality of their own corporate governance and to facilitate comparisons between companies, which also makes it a source of useful information for investors.
What should a scorecard achieve? It should:

  • Facilitate the work of analysts and investors through a systematic and easy overview of all relevant issues of good governance
  • Enable companies to easily assess the reach and the quality of their own governance
  • Enable comparisons across industries and countries
  • Be readily available to all interested parties via the Internet
  • Be available at very little cost for implementation
  • Allow investors to set minimum scores for governance as part of general investment decision making