IFC  Business Crisis Project Management and regeneration of the corporate sector in collaboration with CGIA Corporate Governance Institute – Albania CGIA invited Managers and Business Executives to participate in the seminar: “RISKS MANAGEMENT BUSINESS STRATEGY IN POST – CRISIS ” Lecturer Dr Dragan Lončar Peterhof Consulting IFC Expert. This seminar was hold on 5 July 2011.

What impact has the environment in company’s positioning? How can business strategy be prepared to afford the crisis? What are the causes, manifestations and ramifications of the economic crisis? What are the economic cycles of the company during the crisis and structural changes? What is the most efficient risks management in my business during the economic crisis?

For all these questions and others, participants could get answers and share together their concerns about risk management and business strategy in post crises in this seminar profiting from the presence of IFC expert on such issues.