Corporate Social Responsibility in the Boardroom:

Disruptive Thoughts, Entrepreneurial Action!

People, Planet, Profit…Purpose In ONE DAY you will learn all the CSR lessons AND the ‘How To’ rules for the CHANGE to CSE (Corporate Social Entrepreneurship)!

Join the discussion with fellow European directors, board members, stakeholders and experts to get to the NEXT steps. The Conference is proactive, inspiring, future focused, controversial and practical. We will present Best Cases AND Next Cases!

The full programme, list of speakers and the registration form can be found here.

The location of the event is Duin & Kruidberg Estate in Santpoort-Noord, the Netherlands.

The venue is only 25 minutes from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport by taxi. There will be a pre-conference meeting on May 24th: We will visit the newly opened Circular Economy Expo (Haarlemmermeer) in the afternoon of the 24th where we will get the latest developments and examples on Circular Economy.