Corporate Governance Institute Albania in cooperation with IFC and ecoDa has developed the workshop for directors and supervisory board members seeking to explore the latest developments and the new challenges that corporate governance brings to boards. The key Corporate Governance changes and new directions are reflected in board practices, the control environment and shareholders protection.

This workshop aimed to provide to participants with :

i)                     a better understanding and sharing experience in regard to new challenges that corporate governance practices bring to boards;

ii)                   to understand the real value of the effective board, board evaluationand professional development, and the key role of NED;

iii)                  to identify the skillset that will assist board members in better developing their role on the board;

iv)                 to exchange best European board practices.

Programme`s content of the workshop was :

i)                     Understanding the important role of effective boards and the role of the NED, the functions and duties of board members;

ii)                   Benefitting from the feedback and the knowhow of board members with significant experience of cross border mandates;

iii)                  Understanding and updating participants on recent developments in corporate governance;

iv)                 Important of professional development programmes for directors.

This workshop was welcomed also from representative of SECO Albania Mr. Philipp Keller.

Key Speakers and presentations:

1)       Mr. Kiril Nejkov IFC that make a presentation on the Recent development in corporate governance

–          the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance

–          new guidance applicable to banks and financial institutions in 2015

2)       Mr. Anthony Smith Mayer guest speaker from ecoDa: The role of Independent and Non executive Director.

3)       Mrs. Beatrice Richez Baum , General Secretary of ecoDa : The European approach and new developments within corporate governance. Why a continued professional development of Directors.

4)       Mrs. Monika Farka , CGIA Chair woman, Founder & Managing Partner of Dynamics Partners, AIMS International Albania, Managing Partner – Regional Market for Directorship

5)       Mrs. Rezarta Cenaj Melo, CGIA Executive Director , welcoming speech & Moderator

For more details please refer to the agenda enclosed, and for presentations sending attached to this report.

Participation in the Workshop: The invitation for participation in this workshop was only by private invitations that are currently board members or members in boards committees.